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US CPA試験・自習クラブ No87 FAR Ch19

カテゴリー: 2007年10月09日

US CPA試験・自習クラブ FAR No87 9/28 




FAR Ch19

★Question ID: 1388, Bisk: 19-3-1 
The following fund types used by Ridge City had total assets at December 31, 
20X1, as follows:

Special revenue funds $100,000 
Agency funds   200,000 
Pension funds   400,000 

Total fiduciary fund assets amount to 
A $300,000. 
B $400,000. 
C $600,000. 
D $700,000. 


★Question ID: 2155, Bisk: 19-3-1 
How would customers' security deposits which can not be spent for normal 
operating purposes be classified in the balance sheet of the enterprise fund of a
 governmental unit?

 Restricted asset/ Liability/ Fund equity 
A_____ No / Yes / No 
B_____ Yes / Yes / No 
C_____ Yes / Yes / Yes 
D_____ Yes / No / Yes 


★Question ID: 1370, Bisk: 19-3-2 
Elm City contributes to and administers a single-employer defined benefit pension
 plan on behalf of its covered employees. The plan is accounted for in a pension 
trust fund. Actuarially determined employer contribution requirements and 
contributions actually made for the past three years, along with the percentage 
of annual covered payroll, were as follows:

_____Contribution made_______Actuarial requirement 
_____Amount / Percent________Amount / Percent 
20X3 $11,000 / 26____________$11,000 / 26 
20X2 5,000 / 12______________10,000 / 24 
20X1 None / None_____________8,000 / 20 

What account should be credited in the pension trust fund to record the 20X3 
employer contribution of $11,000?

A Revenues control 
B Other financing sources control 
C Due from special revenue fund 
D Pension benefit obligation 

★Question ID: 4438, Bisk: 19-3-2 
 The following information pertains to Grove City's interfund receivables and 
payables at December 31:

・Due to special revenue fund from general fund  $10,000 
・Due to agency fund from special revenue fund  4,000 
In Grove's special revenue fund balance sheet at December 31, how should these 
interfund amounts be reported? 
A As an asset of $6,000. 
B As a liability of $6,000. 
C As an asset of $4,000 and a liability of $10,000. 
D As an asset of $10,000 and a liability of $4,000. 

★Question ID: 1396, Bisk: 19-3-5 
 Seaside County collects property taxes levied within its boundaries and receives
a 1% fee for administering these collections on behalf of the municipalities 
located in the county. In 20X1, Seaside collected $1,000,000 for its 
municipalities and remitted $990,000 to them after deducting fees of $10,000. In 
the initial recording of the 1% fee, Seaside's agency fund should credit

A Fund balance?agency fund, $10,000. 
B Fees earned?agency fund, $10,000. 
C Due to Seaside County general fund, $10,000. 
D Revenues control, $10,000. 

★Question ID: 5807, Bisk: 19-3-5 
Fish Road property owners in Sea County are responsible for special assessment 
debt that arose from a storm sewer project. If the property owners default, Sea 
has no obligation regarding debt service, although it does bill property owners 
for assessments and uses the moneys it collects to pay debt holders. What fund 
type should Sea use to account for these collection and servicing activities? 
A Agency 
B Debt service 
C Expendable trust funds 
D Capital projects 



★Question ID: 4135, Bisk: 19-2-1 
The town of Hill operates municipal electric and water utilities. In which of the
following funds should the operations of the utilities be accounted for?

A Enterprise fund. 
B Internal service fund. 
C Agency fund. 
D Special revenue fund. 

地方の水道や電気といったシステムの運用をしているのはenterprise fund,答えはAです。

★Question ID: 4441, Bisk: 19-2-1 
The following equity balances are among those maintained by Cole City:

Enterprise funds 	$1,000,000 
Internal service funds   400,000 

Cole's proprietary equity balances amount to

A $1,400,000 
B $1,000,000 
C $  400,000 
D $0 

proprietary fundsに入るのは、enterprise fundsと、internal service funds。なので、

★Question ID: 4980, Bisk: 19-2-1 
The orientation of accounting and reporting for all proprietary funds of 
governmental units is 
A Income determination. 
B Project. 
C Flow of funds. 
D Program.


Proprietary fundsは、企業会計と同じ考え方でレコードします。だからincome 

★Question ID: 4560, Bisk: 19-2-2 
Which of the following does not affect an internal service fund's net income?

A Depreciation expense on its fixed assets 
B Operating transfers in or out 
C Residual equity transfers 
D Temporary transfers 

答えはDです。他はnet incomeに影響しますが、temporaryなら影響しません。 

★Question ID: 5816, Bisk: 19-2-2 
The billings for transportation services provided to other governmental units are
recorded by the internal service fund as

A Transportation appropriations. 
B Operating revenues. 
C Interfund exchanges. 
D Intergovernmental transfers. 

Internal service fundsも、enterprise fundsと同じproprietary fundで、企業会計と同
す。 Appropriationsは、予算会計の考え方で、Interfund exchangesは、governmental 
unitの考え方、Intergovernmental transfershaも同様です。答えはBです。
★Question ID: 2562, Bisk: 19-2-3 
An enterprise fund would be used when the governing body requires that 

I   Accounting for the financing of an agency's services to other government 
departments be on a cost-reimbursement basis. 
II  User charges cover the costs of general public services. 
III Net income information be provided for an activity. 
A I only 
B I and II 
C I and III 
D II and III 

Enterprise fundsは、private business enterprisesのようにお金の流れを扱うので、II

★Question ID: 4661, Bisk: 19-2-3 
Shared revenues received by an enterprise fund of a local government for 
operating purposes should be recorded as

A Operating revenues. 
B Nonoperating revenues. 
C Other financing sources. 
D Interfund transfers. 

Grants, entitlementsとby proprietary funds からの、shared revenuesはそれらの利用
が制限されていなければ、nonoperating revenuesとして計上されます。答えはBです。

★Question ID: 4993, Bisk: 19-2-3 
During the year, a city's electric utility, which is operated as an enterprise 
fund, rendered billings for electricity supplied to the general fund. Which of 
the following accounts should be debited by the general fund?

A Appropriations 
B Expenditures 
C Due to electric utility enterprise fund 
D Other financing uses?operating transfers out 

さっきと似ていますが、General fundに対し提供した電気の請求なので、quasi-external

★Question ID: 4999, Bisk: 19-2-3 
A state government had the following activities: 

I.     State-operated lottery $ 10,000,000 
II.    State-operated hospital    3,000,000 

Which of the above activities should be accounted for in an enterprise fund? 

A Neither I nor II 
B I only 
C II only 
D Both I and II 
宝くじも病院運営もenterprise fundです。答えはDです。


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