Glimpses of Japan

Glimpses of Japan(外国人から見た日本)

カテゴリー: 2010年03月26日

  Glimpses of Japan  (外国人から見た日本)
       vol.283         If That's How It Must Be


I've been writing this version of this column for almost six years,
nearly every week since April 26, 2004. It has been fun, mostly,
although there were a few weeks when I wasn't able to find a suitable
topic until uncomfortably close to the deadline, so there was sometimes
a certain amount of stress involved. I've been told that this will be
the last issue, though, and I'm actually going to miss it, even so.

Many of the columns were a little on the cynical side, and not many
were entirely positive, but I tried to balance jeers and cheers as
much as I could. The reader responses I've received have been
overwhelmingly positive (I received one complaint in six years…not
a bad record, I believe). I would like to take this chance to thank
everyone who wrote with questions, comments, or suggestions. I really
appreciated all of the feedback.

I'm not sure whether the archives are still going to be accessible,
or what will happen to email subscriptions, but I imagine that there
will be appropriate notification.

Any of my readers who want to continue hearing from me might want to
have a look at my personal blog, unconnected with NEC or NEC Learning.
It's much like *Glimpses* has been, except that I'm not consciously
aiming it at non-native readers. I started the blog as an experiment,
and have only been writing a couple of posts most months, but I will
probably be writing more now that I'm not going to be doing *Glimpses*
and don't have to worry about duplication, although I can't promise
weekly articles.

If you're interested in following the further adventures of Mike Lloret,
you can either e-mail me or do a search for my name plus blog (try the
keyword "balefire", too). 

The title of this final installment of *Glimpses* comes from something
that I once read by a science fiction writer. He (or one of his
characters) mentioned that the meaning of "_sayonara_" is literally,
"if that's how it must be" or "if it must be thus". When I read that,
I'd already been here for many years and used the word thousands of
times without ever really thinking of what it meant, other than "goodbye".
The sentiment fits the end of this weekly column pretty well.

I'm still going to be around for quite a while, though, and if you want
to keep in touch, I'm easy enough to find on the 'net. _Mata ne_, maybe.

Glimpses of Japan vol.283
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